Mr. Nice Guy Gives a Wink to Guys Who Sexually Harass Women

I am often offended by right wing and sexist articles in our local newspaper, Fairfield Daily Republic, and most times it is not worth my time to respond. But today’s column from conservative “Mr. Nice Guy” was too offensive to ignore in the ways that he perpetrates what my students call “rape culture.” Here is my letter to the editor…

We are in a moment that I hope will change the culture of sexual harassment and gender-based violence that women face on a daily basis. In response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, 140 California women legislators and staffers have signed a letter and created a campaign called “Enough” to say that sexual harassment is rampant in our State Capital, too, not just in Hollywood. A “Me Too” hashtag has gone viral where women are joining in to add their voices to say, “This is enough!” I teach at a community college and my students, both female and male, are encouraged that there may finally be some change in what they call “rape culture” where women are routinely blamed for their own victimization and men rationalize abusive actions as “boys will be boys.” You can imagine my offense at Mr. Nice Guy’s column on October 20, where he blames Hillary Clinton for the sexual harassment perpetrated by her husband towards other women and where he invokes the term “bimbo” to dehumanize female victims in general. Most offensive of all is how he justifies assault of women (referring to Donald Trump’s taped admissions of such behavior) with a wink and a nod to other men, “Guys, none of us have ever made comments like that, have we?” Guys, if you have, then women are changing the “game” and you will not get away with it in the future. I would like to see Mr. Nice Guy face the 140 powerful Sacramento women who are trying to create positive change for all women. They would certainly be offended by his sexist comments–this is “rape culture” and it needs to stop.


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